Starting with the root. The root is the most physical out of all the chakras. It deals with basic survival needs like food, shelter, to things like money and comfort
This chakra is fulfilled if your surroundings are pleasing to be in and you feel safe in your living situation. If you’re struggling with an inflow of resources, it has a direct correlation to feelings of security and what you’re putting your focus on.

Since this chakra has the most to do with physicality, manifesting it’s energies is a constant flow that can be seen as buying groceries, paying bills, cleaning, etc.If you are able to keep on top of your societal duties, you are bringing forth the root’s energy.Practicing this chakra can be as simple as taking care of your responsibilities and making sure you basic living needs are always met.



The sacral deals with feelings, having the right to fully immerse yourself in your emotions. We are taught that expressing too much emotion is being overly sensitive or dramatic.

Coming from the sacral is knowing that theres a reason you feel how you do, and that its always okay.
Our society is quick to dismiss what we label as ‘irrational’ thoughts or emotions, when they are really just symptoms of a core issue. Emotions can act as a guidance system for the core of our feelings. The sacral energies are interconnected with intimacy.

Practicing this chakra on the physical level can look like, first, allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions. Don’t deny or distract yourself from the feelings. They are incredibly real and valid even when we are told otherwise.
Having open communication with your partner about your sexual exploration is manifesting the sacral energies.
Having a safe, open dialogue about your sexuality and desires is practicing bringing this energy forth.

It’s something that’s very difficult for some people, and no big deal for others.
If you find yourself struggling with this chakra, feel your emotions down to the core to find where they really stem from.

Take the time to explore what you’re feeling and know that it’s always valid.


Solar Plexus

Out of all the chakras, the solar plexus is currently the one I’m most focused on. As I grow into who I am, I find myself slipping between subtle feelings of powerlessness and self doubt.

To be fully myself is to know I’m coming from the heart, so anything I say isn’t filtered through lack of confidence.

On the physical level, coming from the solar plexus looks like knowing what you need to say and powerfully speaking your truth. It’s having the drive to create new projects and confidently manifest ideas, no matter what anyone else says.

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Source: How To Use The Chakras In Every Day Life | Spirit Science

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